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Updated: May 13, 2023

Blogging has never been my forte and so I figure I am just going to use this as an opportunity to share a few of the tips I give to my clients with everyone who takes the time to check out my website.

The very first tip I give to all my couples is this.... create an email address SOLELY dedicated to your wedding. Almost all of us keep our entire lives online now (save the trees and all that) and your wedding wont be an exception to that rule. From the LTD company venues to the tiny sole trader business all your suppliers will communicate with you via email and trust me you do not want to be searching through emails from the Nigerian prince who is going to make you a millionaire or your vets telling you little Tyson has worms to find the contract you signed with your band specifying set up timings and space needed or the confirmation from your cake maker on the flavours you chose 18 months ago and now can't remember.

So on that note

I very much look forward to hearing from all the

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